About RotoTracker

If you’re gonna play, you play to win. And you win by refining how you play, learning what works and doesn’t. RotoTracker is the Daily Fantasy Sports results tracker that lets you combine all your DFS results in one place, so you can analyze your results and identify the sports, sites, buy-in levels, contest types and sizes, opponents or even the day of the week that you perform the best.

Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie can provide you with an edge that can help you take your DFS game to the next level, and RotoTracker’s robust analytics platform is the best in the industry.

RotoTracker offers support for all the major DFS sites including FanDuel, DraftKings, FantasyDraft and Yahoo Sports, and the RotoTracker Sync feature utilizes their proprietary Chrome and Firefox extensions to help you keep all your DFS results up to date with just a few clicks. RotoTracker even checks your data for duplicates so you never have to worry about inaccurate results when you use the RotoTracker Sync extension!

RotoPassDaily subscribers get access to RotoTracker’s Bronze+ package, which means you’ll be able to build your own charts across any date or cohort report, choosing one or two performance metrics — whether it be total entries or contests, profit, total won or total wagered, or average score, ROI and ITM. For your last 2,500 entries!

That’s right. RotoTracker has the functionality to allow you to load your combined data set into a spreadsheet for your own custom analysis or as an offline backup. Every report can be customized with all our filters as well as column ordering, so you can export exactly what you need. Files of up to 10,000 lines are supported, or you can contact us if you need bigger exports!

You can use the Day Report to view, export and graph your performance each day. Using filters and charts, the day report is perfect to understand your total daily play, day-day performance and how you do each day against a single opponent. Prize pool cohort will tell how you perform as you try bigger GPPs and Season Cohort lets you see how well you do each season, split up by each major sport.

And that just scratches the surface of what RotoTracker, well, tracks! If you’re playing to win, you need a scorecard. And RotoTracker is best in the business.