About FantasyLabs

Founded by two time world champion and DraftKings Millionaire Maker winner Peter Jennings aka “CSURAM88” and the award winning Fantasy Football for Smart People author Jonathan Bales, FantasyLabs is, quite simply, the best DFS content, data, and tools platform out there. Covering NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA and NHL, their flagship product - Player Models - lets you create and immediately backtest models to accurately project and rate players. Whether you use pro models from a team of proven, big money winners or just leverage their massive database of historical data to build your own you’ll be able to backtest the effectiveness of your new model in a matter of seconds to see how profitable it would have been in the past. You’ll quickly visualize a massive amount of date (with real-time updates) and be able to use your custom player ratings as a foundation for your line-ups.

Their state of the art line-up builder can generate up to 150 lineups in mere seconds. You’ll be able to create lineups that adjust based on real-time changing data, such as injuries, weather, and the Vegas lines. And then you’ll be able to use a number of filters to create and optimize the types of line-ups you want based on your personal models; control player exposure, correlations, ownership, and much more.

Want to be notified when the wind is blowing out at 10mph during the day at Wrigley or when recent poor red zone performance figures to reduce a wide receiver's ownership? No problem. You can create systems based on historical performance and salary data and get notified when players match them. Whether it’s finding situations in which players have historically provided value, researching and testing all your assumptions or just using FantasyLabs Pro Trends created by their top tier team of DFS pros, you will have everything you need at your fingertips to dramatically improve your results. Their team of pros like multiple FSWA Award winner Adam Levitan, record settling 12 time FanDuel champion Ganondorf, top 7 all-time in the RotoGrinders rankings TheClone plus, obviously, CSURAM88 and Jonathan Bales has you getting lineup previews, model reviews, exclusive podcasts and webinars, lineup building tips and more from people who are proven winners, day in and day out. Trust me here. After using Fantasy Labs you’ll be – wait for it - cooking up some wins.